The Green Your Heat program, which gave weatherization grants to Concord residents who heat with oil, propane, wood, or electricity, finished distributing these state funds in the spring of 2016.  We are working on getting more funds so we can continue to serve these households.  If you live in Concord and heat with natural gas, you can get up to $2,000 towards the costs of weatherizing your home via the MassSave program. Concordians who heat with oil, propane, wood, or electricity can check back on this website in 2017 when we know more about future funding.  In the meantime, the Concord Municipal Light Plant has information about energy saving ideas here.

More about GYH:Sagewell half insulated home

Via the Green Your Heat program, the Town’s volunteer-run Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Committee (CSEC) surpassed its goal of getting 140 non-natural gas homes weatherized in Concord in 2015.  14% of eligible Concord households contacted the program to learn more and over 4% were weatherized.  With weatherization, most residents can save as much as 25% off of their energy bills.  In addition to saving you money, weatherization can make you and your family more comfortable in your home by reducing drafts.  And reducing the energy used to heat and cool your home can reduce fossil fuel emissions.  Total expected greenhouse gas savings from the GYH program is over 440,000 pounds of CO2/year, which is the equivalent of not burning more than a railcar full of coal each year.  CSEC looks forward to continuing their work on energy conservation and hopes you will join them in the effort.