All weatherization projects must be completed, with invoices submitted to Sagewell by April 15th 2016.

Welcome from the Concord Sustainable Energy Committee and Light Plant. Here’s your chance to save with “Green Your Heat” (GYH) program, a special opportunity for Concord residents. GYH provides partial rebates for these weatherization services: insulation, sealing of air leaks, and installation of programmable thermostats.

Sagewell half insulated homeWith weatherization, most residents can save as much as 20-30% off of your energy bills. In addition to saving you money, weatherization can make you and your family more comfortable in your home by reducing drafts. And reducing the energy used to heat and cool your home can reduce fossil fuel emissions that contribute to climate change by as much as 20-30%.

To get an idea of how much energy loss you can prevent through weatherization, take a look at these “before” and “after” thermal images. The orange and yellow on the left side of the house show areas where you are paying good money to heat the outdoors in winter and cool it in summer.

Green Your Heat could be your ticket to save money and energy. Sagewell, the program administrator, will take the headaches out of the process. Now is the time, while rebates are still available. Call 617-963-8141 or get started now.

Start Saving